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Furnace Maintenance Service/Furnace Tune up Service

Most common furnace maintenance points:

Observe the furnace operation for a cycle to see if it works safely and correctly.
Check for gas leaks on the furnace gas valve and piping.
Check for signs of carbon monoxide.
Check and clean the flu pipes, draft hood, and combustion air opening.
Remove the burners, pilot assembly, igniter, and flame sensor, to inspect and clean.
Inspect and clean the heat exchanger.
On standard furnaces, we take out the blower, and clean the blower and motor, and wash the cage.
Align pulleys and adjust the belt tensions if necessary.
Lubricate the blower motors.
Clean the blower compartment.
Clean or replace the filter.
Check the furnace control components.
On high efficiency furnaces, we check and clean the control switches.
Check and clean the condensate pump.
Check and clean the induced draft fan.
Correct the gas burning rate of the furnace if necessary.
Check the furnace operation, adjust the main flame and the pilot flame, and make sure it is working safely and correctly .
Call us today to arrange your furnace maintenance appointment. And keep your furnace running smoothly all year round.

Tips that can save you a heating service call:
1. When you feel your house is cold and the furnace won’t run, check the Thermostat( Heat Switch on the wall) and set the target temperature above the room temperature,showing on thermostat and either wait a couple of minutes or check and observe the furnace whether it started firing and furnace blower came on after a minute or two.
2. If the first trick did not work, check power switch in or outside of the furnace room, high on the wall, or somewhere around the furnace, to make sure it is on ON position. If it does not have marking, turn up or down and observe the furnace.
3.If it still did not work. after a couple of minutes, from a distance check for pilot flame on older furnace (not all furnaces have standing pilot burner) whether there exist a pilot flame and gas valve knob is pointing to ON position. If the pilot is out and you are handy enough and want to relight the pilot burner, it is advised that, you turn the Power Switch to Furnace to OFF position before attempting to relight the the pilot light .After relighting the pilot, turn the gas valve knob to ON position and turn the furnace power switch to On position. Please stay away from furnace before furnace start firing, as some old furnaces have scary firing pattern specially when pilot flame is too small to lit the main burners immediately.