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Furnace Services:

Furnace Maintenance/Tune up service: Maintaining your Gas burning Furnace, that gives you the necessary and comforting heat, is a necessity. Main reason being, the need for a comforting, pure, reliable and safe source of heat. Yet, for most homeowners, the Furnace is out of sight and out of mind until something minor or serious happens with the furnace thereby threatening ones safety and the integrity of their property. Maintaining Gas Furnaces Annually with Heating professionals, gives you peace of mind by assuring safe, reliable and energy efficient operation of your Furnace.
Here are the highlights of the Furnace Maintenance Work we do.

Details of Furnace Maintenance, Safety Inspection and Tune up Service

Furnace Repair Services:

We provide Expert and Reliable Gas Furnace repairs to all brands and models. whether it is a pilot outage, a scorching smell, lack of warm air coming through vents, getting cold air instead of warm air, overhauling a rough furnace blower or any thing else that could possibly affect your Furnace, we guarantee you can count on our caring 24 Hour emergency repair services. We stock most parts for regular ( natural draft – not mid or high efficiency ) Furnaces.

Tips that can save you a service call:

1. When you feel your house is cold and the furnace won’t run, check the Thermostat( Heat Switch on the wall) and set the target temperature above the room temperature (currently)showing on the thermostat and wait a couple of minutes. You can also check and observe the furnace to see whether it started firing and if the furnace blower came on after a minute or two.

2. If the first trick did not work, check the power switch in or outside of the furnace room, high on the wall, or somewhere around the furnace, to make sure it is on “ON” position. If it does not have any “ON” or “OFF” markings, turn it up or down and observe the furnace.

3.If it still doesn’t work after a couple of minutes, from a distance check for a pilot flame if it’s an older furnace (not all furnaces have standing pilot burner) to see if a Pilot Flame exists and the gas valve knob is pointing to the “ON” position. If the pilot is out and you are handy enough and want to relight the pilot burner, it is advised that you turn the Power Switch on the Furnace to the “OFF” position before attempting to relight the the pilot light .After relighting the pilot, turn the gas valve knob to the “ON” position and turn the furnace power switch to the “On” position. Please stand back from the furnace before it starts firing, as some old furnaces have scary firing patterns especially when the pilot flame is too small to light the main burners immediately.

If these guides did not help you, you need professional help. Call Reliance Mechanical at 604-733-3737

Furnace Replacement or Installation Services:

If your Furnace is not safe, comfortable, sufficient, reliable, and efficient enough, and you want quality workmanship and product, we offer furnace installation that is just right for your needs.
We competitive when it comes to quality Furnace Work and Product with Fair prices. Most importantly, we truly take care of your furnace maintenance and repair work for in the long term.