Reliance Mechanical


Boiler Maintenance/Boiler Tune up Service

What we do:

Observe the boiler operation for a cycle or two, to see if it is operating safely and correctly.

Check for gas leaks on the boiler gas valve and piping.

Check for signs of carbon monoxide.

Check and clean the flu pipes, draft hood, and combustion air opening.

Check the firing pattern to be safe and correct.

Check the water pressure and temperature on boiler.

Check the expansion tank.

On radiant floor heating, we check the water temperature going to the floor, and we adjust it to the right temperature.

Check the circulating pumps and the zone control valves.

Remove the burners and the pilot assembly, and clean them.

Check the thermocouple and replace it if necessary.

Adjust the boiler water pressure and temperature.

Make sure the boiler fires and stops at the correct water temperature.

Correct the gas burning rate of the boiler if necessary

Make sure the boiler is working safely and correctly.