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Boiler Services

Boiler Maintenance service: This service is like a good tune-up on a vehicle which makes it smooth, powerful, and efficient. For Home owners, who aren’t familiar with their boiler systems, and do not tend to it regularly, this service is very necessary and beneficial. Maintenance prevents and reverses hazardous conditions and developing problems. There are always problems in boiler systems that are not attended to, due to the accumulation of dust and lint on burners, pilot burner, low water pressure in the boiler, or tripping pressure relief valve and . . . etc.

The details of the boiler maintenance services are explained under boiler tune-up services.

Boiler Repair services: Hot water Heating is our specialty. Reliance Mechanical Has Training in design, Installation and Repairs of Hot Water Heating system. this training and related workshops combined with two decades of Hydronic Heating Service work give us the advantage to be able to recognize and tackle problems with Boilers and whole sets of Hot water Heating System that Boiler set- ups are central to. We repair all brands of gas burning boilers. We re-pipe and correct wrong and problematic boiler set ups.

Boiler Replacement and Retrofit: Hot Water Heating, in-spite of being the most comfortable, clean, and energy conserving method of heating, has been troublesome for many due to poor installation. The majority of hot water heating installations are done incorrectly. Even the inspection authorities only mind the safety aspect of the installation. For a heating system to be comfortable, reliable and efficient, there are scientific guidelines available to use. We improve and retrofit problematic hot water heating systems. We use the latest scientifically established methods and guidelines to perform right and reliable Boiler Retrofit or Boiler Replacements. Our Retrofit work is meticulously done, esthetic, comfortable and reliable.