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We provide timely emergency heating service to Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver and West Vancouver BC areas.

Highlight of our services:

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Furnace Services (forced air):

We offer thorough, skilled, quality Furnace Maintenance( Safety Inspection and Tune up) service. You do not get the quality of our Furnace, Boiler or Fireplace Maintenance services from Carpet Cleaning people entering the heating trade with dubious and aggressive advertisements.
We provide expert, prompt and reliable repair services to all gas Furnaces.
We Supply only quality Furnaces with your desired features and the proper size for your building with efficient and meticulous installation.

Boiler Services:

We design and replace boilers (Boiler generates hot water, to be used for heating homes) with the latest developed guidelines to resolve heating breakdowns, improve heat comfort and make the heating system more energy efficient.
We offer: Expert boiler maintenance service, Reliable Boiler repair work in Vancouver BC, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver.

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water Heating) Services:

Reliance Mechanical is one the few expert service providers for Hot Water Floor Heating systems (Hydronic Floor Heating), whether it is annual maintenance service, Repairing a heating system that has frequent breakdowns, or Retrofitting Radiant floor Heat with problematic Gray Plastic Tubing. We correct problem Hot water Baseboard or Radiator Heating systems by re-piping. We fix the incorrect Radiant Floor Heat setups, so that your heating system is Safe, Reliable and able to provide comforting heat.

Water Heater Services:

We do complimentary hot water tank flushing with regular price Boiler or Furnace Maintenance service.
We repair water Heaters, whether it is a pilot outage, inadequate hot water pressure, your Hot Water runs out too fast or you have a Water Heater Tank leakage. We can rapidly attend to all your Emergencies.
We supply and Install Water Heaters that meet your application and needs. We replace Electric water heater tanks with, Fast Recovery rate, Gas Burning hot water tanks.

Gas Fireplace Services:

We offer quality Fireplace Annual Maintenance Service (safety Inspection & Tune up) in Vancouver B.C.
We offer reliable repair service for Gas Fireplaces.

Gas Piping or Gas Fitting Services:

Reliance Mechanical is a Bonded and Insured Gas Contractor. We offer Gas piping For Homes, Restaurants, and other buildings. We do Gas piping additions or Replacement as well as detect and Repair Gas leaks.

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